About Me

Wow! So how do I even begin to share where I am in my life? What it is about me that could possibly touch you?  Why in the world would you even want to read further? Let me give a very brief summary of "how I got to where I am!"

For 18 years my husband and I had an "iris garden" here in the middle of the Palouse - some of you know that I hate gardening, but it was where God placed me at the time. However, just because you do something for a "season" does not mean you have to do it for your lifetime! During our iris years there were
two photograpers who came to our garden and shared their passion. Although my passion was for portraits rather than scenic photos, I knew what I wanted to do! The "digital era" began for me and I was in heaven! I wanted to give families "memories to treasure" forever because you can never relive those days.

I began with my first Canon EOS Rebel - I knew nothing! I'd always put my camera on "auto or green" and shot photos sometimes getting a good one, sometimes not! Thus the journey began!!! But I knew that I wanted to provide
good memories for others. I had to learn more about photography!! I began searching the internet, reading, studying, practicing, anything I could do to learn. And I was very fortunate to have a brother who "assisted" me in this process!  Best of all, he never "hung up" on me during my learning process - he was very patient!

Now I can say with confidence that I am a "natural light photographer", a studio photographer, a school photographer, a sports photographer, sometimes a wedding photographer and generally have a camera with me wherever I go. And best of all I can say "God has blessed my passion" - He knows my heart
and I am confident that He gives me encouragement along my way!

Today I am still a "Canon" user having the most up to date equipment with excellent lenses! I have a room full of backdrops, photo items, props, etc. to assist me in building those memories for others! Although I am self-taught,
I am blessed now to have the "knowledge' of photography! I shoot raw photos and develop in Lightroom and edit both in Lightroom and in Photoshop.

I also have a husband who supports everything I do - who compliments me, who encourages me, who physically assists me at times, who cooks when needed, who loves me for who I am!! He jokingly says, "when she began photography,
I lost a wife and a mother!" But in reality, he's my biggest supporter! And I have my brother who has the computer skills to assist me - setting up my websites, setting up my server - I am blessed!

Photography is my passion, but it is also my ministry! I LOVE people!! Photography has opened doors for me to share my passion and to share my life. In the process, I am doing my best to provide "quality at a reasonable price" for others! "Memories to Treasure" is what I try to give others!! Blessings to each of you!